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Customer provides STEP models exported from PRO-E Customer also provides Engineering Drawings DVC Cleans up Step models and Prepares for Unfolding DVC Unfolds Models and creates FLAT DXF Files DVC Creates Shop Drawings for floor DVC Also Creates Flat drawing used for their inspection Dept. DVC Creates FMS program for their Amada Turret Presses DVC provides via email Shop Drawings in PDF format, Flat DXF files, and CNC program files, G-code and the Native CAM files for AP100US/FabriWin

Actual Sample Project

This is an actual sample project done for one of my

customers. They provided the Solid Models as Step files

exported out of Pro-E

Project created from Customers ProE Models Cleaned up model for Unfolding to flat, Create Shop Drawings

Another Sample Project

Customer Provides 2D DXF files DVC Imports DXF files DVC Creates 3D models using the 2D Geometry DVC Unfolds 3d models DVC Creates Shop Drawing DVC Provides PDF’s of Shop Drawings, Flat DXF’s and for CNC Camming. Shop Drawings are simplified drawings usually for use by shop floor personnel that contain just enough information for CNC Laser or Turret and mainly by the forming (bending) departments. This helps to make their time more efficient on the floor by not having to deal with complex drawings or assemblies. .

DVC Planners

Misc. Projects

for various customers

SolidWorks Project “Here is a design project completed in Solidworks for a customer of mine where we worked closely with their engineering department to develop 4U and 1U housings with complete documentation.”