On one day I stepped outside and got to thinking about my Toyota Previa. It has over 359,000 Earth miles on it. I thought to my self what a great piece of equipment and I wondered how it came to exist. I became troubled at the thought of where it came from. I know I purchased it in San Antonio, Texas, used with 56,000 Earth miles on it. But I needed to know more. The dealer told me some other person had owned it. I asked where did it come before that. He said the Factory. Ah! The Factory. What a mystery It beheld. With my limited knowledge I soon theorized that the Big Factory was a place where matter could come together on it's own. After much time, heat and molecular movement placed all these atoms into order. Glass, petroleum and metallic molecules appeared in all the right places. What complexities were involved? Maybe a huge explosion in the Factory Scrap yard assembled the Previa. I just wasn't satisfied with this seemingly revelation of mine. Was this really Science? There had to be something more. I also realized that this Previa even though it was a great piece of equipment was slowly breaking down. I had to keep doing periodic maintenance on it. One day I knew It would have to be replaced. Hopefully with one that never broke down or ever needed maintenance again. The more I thought the more questions surfaced. I became more troubled. Could it really have been just random molecular movement with measures of time and heat that allowed this Previa to come to exist? I then found a book with all the answers in the glove box. The Manual! It talked of a creator called Toyota and even told me where it was created and that I could talk to this Toyota for there was a phone number included. I was informed that the Vehicle was carefully designed by some of the best intelligence that could be found. That every detail was thought about. All the processes were carefully explained to me. I personally did not understand all that this Toyota explained to me because of my limited knowledge. I soon came to believe in this Toyota as the creator of Previa. Although I could not understand all that this Toyota told me I had peace in knowing that Previa was created by Toyota. Many of my questions were answered and now I trust in this Toyota for Previa. The real Creator goes one more step. He promises that one day we'll have a body that won't break down and always in need of maintenance. He promises to give the Tree of Life back to us to ever enjoy. Read about Jesus in His Manual of life and receive a peace that will pass all understanding. The Previa Van has way over 359,000 miles on it and has a new home. We gave it to some dear friends of ours and they drove it back to San Antonio, Texas from New Mexico back in early 2007. They are still driving it. Update: 2/16/2012 … Our Friend drove the van for a year or more. I got to visit it 2008 and it had about 375,000 miles on it. Her husband who was ill passed away, she then got a good job bought a new car and then gave the van to a friends teenager. I have now officially lost track of where this Van went… Unlike Jesus he will not lose track of you.

Disturbed and do not believe in God?

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